What an amazing country Ecuador is: such a diversity of landscapes, climates and people. Here, you will find smiles, you will be welcome, you will feel that you can relax and be yourself

Don't come to Ecuador (only) for rational reasons such as making money, cheap living or having a big house on the beach (although you can make money here and you can have a big house if you want)

Come to Ecuador because your heart, your soul, whatever word you want to use, drives you to this sacred land rich in history and culture

Look at kids in the many villages of Ecuador. Kids say a lot about a society.

They play, they laugh. although they have very little.

Here is a photo taken on the main square of Cotocachi, north of Quito

Feels like the clock has been wound back 50 years.

The joy is contagious. Here is our own little 5 year old treasure Emily, having fun chasing the pigeons on a square in the centre of Loja

There is a strong sense of community, people help each other, care for each other, here is a scene from a humble place in the country, the llittle girl hugs the puppy and the adults show signs of friendship and support in the background

The old people have their problems like everywhere else.

Here the homeless is giving bread to those which have less than himself

Here the lady who has obviously lost her marbles (has she? or is it us who are missing something?) laughing her head off and hugging me in the streets of San Antonio

People still wash their clothes in the cold water of the river. Photo taken in Cuenca.

And roadwork is still done by hand

Animals are not always treated in the best possible way. Here is "rooster street" in Vilcabamba. These roosters are used for fights and they are tied up so that they don't fight when they are not supposed to.

And yes, they do eat guinea pigs

Driving can be quite an experience when you find yourself approaching a blind corner in a taxi passing a car which is passing a car which is passing another car:

Somehow, accidents don't seem to occur more than anywhere else though.

We have chosen Vilcabamba to live because of its climate, its beauty and its energy.

It is located in the South of Ecuador, near the Peru border in the province of Loja .

To know more about Vilcabamba click here
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