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Vilcabamba TV

For those that like pictures more than words or if you just want to see life in action in Vilcabamba then just go to http://www.vilcabambatv.com  . This is a great site put together by former television journalist Natalie Duffau who now calls Vilcabamba home.

Personally, I find the news and events on Vilcabamba TV far more relevant and interesting than anything you’d hear and see on the mainstream news.

On Vilcabamba TV, Natalie talks about real everyday issues, she interviews real everyday people. Her work is spontaneous and not scripted/contrived interviews like you see in mainstream news. It is not backed or funded by big business enterprises or government departments so there is no hidden agenda and she isn’t trying to sell you something disguised as ‘news’. Vilcabamba TV is good old fashioned freedom of speech with good old fashioned journalism – thank you Natalie.

Happy viewing.

Below is one of my favourites (hilarious!) followed by the clip showing our adoption of "nina", our puppy boxer: