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The Red Pill


Unless you are prepared to WAKE UP!!!

by Anita Evans


As you who know me well will know, I've always got something to say. For years it's just you few close friends who have been privileged to hear what I have to say :-)

Well, now I have the time to express myself to the world!

This section is suitably called 'The Red Pill' as it deals with issues that most of us want to ignore and do an ‘Ostrich' on (put our head in the sand).


Yesterday I emailed a friend and in that email I said the following:

Plans for coming back??? Well given that the WHO has raised the Swine Flu to a level 6, I don't want to travel at the moment. This is serious as it allows governments to use laws that can only be instigated when there is an 'official' pandemic which is what level 6 is. So there is a chance that countries may close borders as time progresses. As the head of WHO said today 'this is the early days of this pandemic'.

THEN, on 3 News online in New Zealand (13th June 2009) there was an article titled: ‘NZ undecided on whether to pick up its share of Aust flu vaccine'. In the middle of this article, I came across the following paragraph (highlights are mine):

And when Dr Hunt was asked what would trigger the legal step of the Government issuing an "Epidemic Notice" - a move which will automatically give medical officers of health special powers - he told NZPA that "due consideration" was on the basis of what was happening in New Zealand, rather than globally.

To read the full news article:

Now, a number of you, who know me well, probably consider me to be a ‘little' eccentric or paranoid with my ideas. Well, not on this one! I did a 2 second search on the words ‘epidemic notice' and restricted the search to NZ sites only and here is what I hit on the Otago Daily Times website:

Extra powers may come with pandemic notice

Fri, 12 Jun 2009

The World Health Organisation's declaration of a full-blown global influenza pandemic places the nation's regional health officials in the limelight.
New health regulations which took effect on April 29 added non-seasonal flu such as A/H1N1 swine flu to other quarantinable diseases such as avian influenza, cholera, plague and yellow fever.
And a ministerial authorization, an epidemic notice issued under the Epidemic Preparedness Act 2006, or declaration of a state of emergency can give extra powers to regional medical officers of health.
These officials are public health specialists the director-general of health makes responsible for specific health districts.
According to Iris Reuvecamp, a senior associate at Buddle Findlay law firm, issue of epidemic notice for non-seasonal flu a quarantinable disease under the Health Act will mean health authorities can:
* Require people to submit to medical examination or testing at specified times and places;
* Require persons, places, buildings, ships, vehicles, aircraft, animals or things to be tested, isolated, quarantined or disinfected as they think fit;
* Restrict the movement of people and vehicles;
* Set up emergency hospitals;
* Restrict public gatherings;
* Close any premises, except for Parliament and private homes;
The Health Act also allows the officials to call on police to use reasonable force if they need that to carry out their duties.


And this is still just a ‘mainstream' media article. So it is no doubt been watered down. I suspect their powers are far more reaching than what is said here.
Tell me; was anyone aware of the Epidemic Preparedness Act 2006 and it contents being passed in 2006? Or was this one of those ‘silent' bills? What about being aware that just 3 MONTHS before there is a ‘pandemic of A/H1N1' the government adds it to this bill? Gee, coincidence??

And this is just little old NZ. I can't even begin to comprehend the types of laws around this issue that have been silently passed in the US for example.



The legislation itself
This link clearly states how the Epidemic Preparedness Act 2006 over rights many sections of the Bill of Rights Act 1990. To spell it out it if the government initiates the Epidemic Preparedness Act 2006 it will take away many of your legal rights! I don't agree with the findings of the group in this article. What it does show is that your rights will be compromised.