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The Red Pill (continued)

I received this very well written and thought provoking reply from a dear friend to a group email I sent out about an article from Natural News. Shekinah is a very wise woman who I have the honour of knowing. She has kindly allowed me to share her vision and thoughts with you. There is a lot of doom and gloom going around the world. We need to know this, to be aware but sometimes it is hard to see through all of this, to see what we can do. It is good to hear how WE can make changes in our lives to change the world so that love, happiness and good will prevail.

Peace and love to you all,  Anita Evans

To all that reads this to all that cares...

To hide your head in the sand at this point is quite impossible, the writing is on the wall, the fat lady is singing, and literally it's as if the sky is falling, as daily more and more craft are zooming in on our little speck of sacredness floating spiralling in the starry sky.

The Native people of America saw signs in the Earth, Animals, Elements and Sky, which they revered as their revelations. .. Speak of this great land America, known as Turtle Island, with RESPECT as it really and truly still remains our Sacred Mother Earth.

The Hawk was a messenger and its cry literally cautioned BE AWARE or BEWARE.... All our native lands are being stolen; conquered and sacrificed....as so are we the lambs being led to the altar. And yet Sheeple People of this one Earth we are willingly going....

Through our arrogance, our ignorance and pure lack of care for what happens anywhere and everywhere we are sub consciously controlled and through our free will we surrender our self's to the misinformation and false powers that govern this so called realty. As long as we have cable to stupefy ourselves, the latest fashions, and an enslaver to tell us what to do, how to be, and where the coolest places to go are... we follow along the Dark Shepherd , that Master Prophet Jesus so earnestly warned us about.

And so we must become aware, realize what is really happening right under our noses. And we must do something, yes to salvage this creation for the children and the generations to come.... All the wise ones of this great planet spoke of this time, of this awakening and of this prophecy unfolding as we move into the Aquarian Age.

Hear though my message... it is not about creating more ugliness, it is not about pointing the finger for as you know when you point a finger there are four pointing back at YOU. It is not about dwelling and focusing and ultimately feeding the wild fires of negative energies as they so now are an inferno and they seem to be seeking to consume us all.

NO, it is about becoming an Alchemist. Taking all the negative hatred war chaos and transcend it, transform it, transmute it. This is what you can do. Take the fear and create excitement for the good that is simultaneously and always happening. Take your attention away from the media propaganda and brainwashing and focus it on LOVE HEALING FORGIVENESS and RIGHT ACTION.

For where the attention flows the energy goes. Do not feed what the Dominators want you to feed which is the wicked, slander, corruption and sick energy of the lower mind, lower self and addicted ego. No, people rise up and ascend into the truth the sacred the equality of compassion grace and perfection within the magic of life the miracle of life the life you should begin to not fight for but to peacefully reclaim.

The government is waiting, wanting and watching us.... waiting for us to rebel and revolt with violence aggression and competition with our neighbours, community and world around us.... wanting us to react unconsciously as they have prescribed for us our own death warrant if we follow along their eugenics games... and yes of course big brother always watches us, you are constantly being spied on and your rights are slipping away.

Whatever you do in your lives' people, remember your heart, remember who you are before you were conditioned to become what you are now....
and follow the guidance of the higher powers, who do not seek to control but enlighten.... And if nothing else try at least to be a light in the world rather than another dark cloud!!!

Thank you and with all respects, my heart is one with you....Shekinah