Ecuadorean coffee offers some of the most interesting and unique cups on the planet. Ecuadorean Arabica coffee is largely Typica variety, which has a distinctive acidity and overall extremely balanced cup. Ecuadorean coffee is also an incredible espresso when roasted properly. The body and distinctive acidity, when magnified as espresso, can create a viscous and lively cup unlike any other. (source cafeimports.com)

March 18 2016: Culture of quality coffee consumption - Loja Ruta del cafe

On March 18, 2016 in San Sebastián square in the city of Loja, the prefectura de Loja organized a public event on a very important topic for the entire province: COFFEE

Ruta del cafe

The event was called "Culture of quality coffee consumption" and brought together specialists from all horizons, coffee producers across the province, an expert roaster from Switzerland, champions baristas...


The todoloja.com team was present with Miguel Ortiz from Mundo Digital to take photos and video... Read on...

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The Ecuadorian coffee is recognized worldwide for its high quality and great flavors. However, having a giant coffee as a neighbor, the Ecuadorians do not enjoy, as it should be, the fruit of their own soil and labour... Link

Loja is one of the most important coffee producing regions in Ecuador with coffee at 1000–2000 meters. It produces 20% of the Arabica in the country and also has great quality potential. A great deal of the top coffees from Taza Dorada have been produced in this region with multiple first places as well.