In these pages we will explore what it means to live a healthy life in this part of the world. We we encounter some interesting provider of health products we will also post their information here.

BIOregenereC - Organic Supplies - Neural Therapy - Vitamin C BIOregenereC Loja Ecuador

To buy organic products there is a nice place in Loja close to SuperMaxi called BIOregenereC. It is a center run by an Ecuadorian couple, Daniel and Claudia. She is odontologist by the way. They offers things like tumeric, amaranth, quinoa, sea salt, quinoa pasta and much much more. Learn more about them in our review here or watch the video (in Spanish).

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Farmacia del Pueblo - Loja - By the people and for the people Farmacia del Pueblo - Loja - By the people and for the people

Only a few meters from the "centro comercial" main entrance in Loja, there is a pharmacy. The place is small indeed, so small that you may never have noticed it but his owner is not small and I don't mean sizewise. Ramiro Delgado is what I would not hesitate to call a "great man".

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Qi Esencial - Oriental and Bioenergetic Therapies in Loja Ecuador Qi Esencial - Oriental and Bioenergetic Therapies in Loja Ecuador

QI Esencial in Loja Ecuador is a very special place indeed where you will feel good, relaxed and well attended. They provide holistic treatments which means that they work on the entire body including the mind and not just on the specific illness that brings you there. Acupuncture, Cupping, Chi Kung, Biomagnetism.

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Qi Esencial - Biomagnetism in Loja Ecuador Qi Esencial - Biomagnetism in Loja Ecuador

The “Biomagnetic Pair” is a method that involves placing pairs of magnets of medium intensity to regulate the pH ( hydrogen potential or acidity level) and thus restore the body’s balance because it eliminates all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites, causing exceptional recovery and providing the energy that our body requires. This therapeutic technique also acts on emotions.

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Reina del Cisne – Pharmacy with a heart in Vilcabamba Ecuador Pharmacy Reina del Cisne

At pharmacy Reina del Cisne, you will find something special that has become rare in our modern world: quality service and professionalism delivered by a real human being with a heart who can listen to you and give you sensible advice.

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Salud y Vida SPA - Natural therapies in Vilcabamba Salud y Vida SPA

In her Vilcabamba natural treatment center, Salud y Vida SPA, Mariana knows her subject. She has a lot of experience dealing with both locals and foreigners. She works with sweetness, love and respect. The place is cozy and has good energy. We recommend it to anyone who wants to relax, relieve stress and improve his or her physical and psychological health.

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