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Damn it! My laptop just died. It was working yesterday and all of a sudden poof! A black screen. My data, my files, my work, all gone !

This can happen to any of us at any time and it could be anything from some minor problem with a loose cable, to a hard disk failure all the way to the complete death of the motherboard.

Now, after having assessed that it is not something trivial like a flat battery, we need to take the computer to some repair shop and that is where the adventure really begins. Most shops today are only able to fix by replacing. If it is the hard drive, it is not the end of the world (except for the possible data loss but, hey, we all know that we must have backups and we all do back-ups don't we?). But what if it is more serious, like some damaged component on the motherboard itself? Replacing the motherboard may cost more than the value of the laptop and these are not readily available anyway, certainly not in Loja, so it needs to be ordered and the wait might be several months.


Julio Caraguay and Nilo Guaman are two young and talented entrepreneurs who have studied computer hardware and specialize in components (integrated circuits, chips, bios and that sort of stuff). They are the only ones in Loja who can take a laptop to bits and actually fix it at the motherboard level. They are also skilled in software and networking.

El Portal.com

El Portal.com Reballing Machine

Julio explained to me that the main cause of "motherboard death", as I would call it, is the video integrated circuitry. Another cause can be the BIOS (a firmware chip on the motherboard) that needs to be reprogrammed. This is what is called "reballing", basically the repair of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) which consists of taking out the faulty components and soldering in new ones.

To anyone who has ever looked at a motherboard, it is obvious that doing this is no amateur's game. One needs both the expertise and the appropriate equipment. We are talking open heart surgery and there is no room for error.

El Portal.com is a rather small place but it absolutely packed with technology. Most remarkable is the expensive looking reballing machine from Japan and the digital microscope that allows the customer to see its motherboard on a big LCD display.

Of course, before doing surgery on your equipment, they will give it a full assessment (software and hardware). Whenever appropriate, they will fix problems like loose cables, damaged fans or damaged hard drives or recommend simple procedures like a good thorough cleaning. They will also tell you honestly when there is nothing they can do, i.e. when the machine is really really dead. This happened to me. We had thunderstorm one night and it literally fried my motherboard through the Ethernet connection.

I found them extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They have a very good customer oriented attitude which is not always the case in a place like Loja. Their prices are more than fair. They also sell equipment, used laptops, hard drives and everything else that one expects in a computer shop.

We hope to have the opportunity to write more about them in the near future. Please check them out and contact us to let us know what you think.


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