In these pages we will explore what it means to live a healthy life in this part of the world. We we encounter some interesting provider of health products we will also post their information here.

I live in a small village a few kilometers from the "buzzing metropolis of Vilcabamba" (:-)) and there, one can still witness some people, not so many unfortunately, living the old way, wandering around on their donkeys, eating their traditional diet which they do not call "organic", and certainly not "raw", they don't even know the word "organic" and have never heard of "raw diets".

These people look very healthy, they are skinny, they are fitter and stronger than 30 year younger typical westerners. Most are not rich and some are really poor.

The secret of Longevity

Valvina from Sacapo

These people represent what to me is the real "secret of longevity" that nobody will find in the Vilcabamba water or in the air or in the Iniger lab.

The secret is a complex. multi-dimensional combination of factors involving lifestyle, diet, exercise, water, air, emotional state, stress, possibly genes and certainly others that I forget to mention or am unaware of.

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Sweet Potato

It should be obvious that good health starts with good nutrition. Unfortunately for most people in most parts of the world it is not.

Simple inexpensive and healthy food abounds all over the world if we only knew how to appreciate it and not damage it with processing.

For example here in South America, we can easily grow the camote or sweet potato and it is fun too !

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Natural therapies

Qi Esencial in Loja Ecuador

The next best thing after NOT getting sick (with good nutrition and lifestyle), if you DO get sick, is to give yourself treatments that really help and do not cause harm.

Surprisingly, in Loja, pharmacies are groing like mushrooms. It is amazing (to us anyway) how a country so rich in medicinal plants, a country with such a long history of shamanism and a large chunck of the amazonian forest within its boundaries, is embracing so much the so-called 'conventional' medicine. I say 'so-called' because there is nothing conventional about the modern western medicine. Medicines like oriental medicine or ayurvedic medicine should be called conventional since they have a much longer history of success.

One important aspect of these medicines is that they do not cause harm. You may believe in them or you may not, it does not matter, at the very least if you do give them a try, nothing bad will happen to you. The same cannot be said about modern western medicine.

In Loja there are quite a few choices of natural therapies center but one that we found really exceptional is the center of oriental medicine QI Esencial on 10 de Agosto. Read our full article using the button below.

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