Loja Ecuador capital of music

The province of Loja, in the South of Ecuador, is the birthplace of performers and composers of yesterday and today, whose musicals, popular and academic in nature, have reached a strong social recognition.

Loja is known in Ecuador as the musical capital of the country, by the number of people engaged in the formal study of music, but also by the many passionate people of its municipalities and rural parishes.

Since their early years, artists in Loja perform in instrumental groups (winds and percussion) known as "the people bands", but there are also real schools and cultural institutions in their respective localities, such as the Conservatory of music.

The talented master Salvador Bustamante Celi (1876-1925), is a composer who at the beginning of the last century went beyond national borders thanks to the extraordinary quality of his symphonic and popular compositions, especially his "pasillos", waltzes and marches, most of them irretrievably lost.

Source: www.andes.info.ec/es/noticias/loja-es-cuna-artistas-musicales-ecuatorianos-todos-tiempos.html