Real Estate Vilcabamba Ecuador - Sacapo Mirador

Imagine waking up every morning to this view of Vilcabamba:

And turning your head to the west, to this view of Malacatos:

And turning your head to the north, to this view of the Podocarpus National Park:

These are the incredible views from a 3 hectare property (no longer for sale sorry) in Sacapo near San Pedro de Vilcabamba which we have aptly named the "Sacapo mirador".

Access is from the Sacapo village : 20 minutes by horse, 45 minutes on foot, 10 minutes by car. The road as it is right now is good but still has a few rough patches that would be rectified before the property changes hands.

Road from Sacapo to the mirador

The quinta is covered with long lush grass, has few trees on it but is suitable for planting. Actually, the sellers are keeping for themselves a similar size block of land just below the one that is for sale and they have an extensive "food basket" growing on it. There is a generous water supply coming by pipe from the Podocarpus park. There is also power.

One of several great spots to build a house, nice and flat.