Rio Uchima - Green Paradise in Vilcabamba Ecuador


This 75 hectare farm property was purchased in 2009 and partially developed. We could not carry on with the development. Quintas are no longer for sale. Today in 2016, 6 families live on it. They all have raod, water, power and internet

Althouh much information no longee applies, we keep thes pages here as an illustration of what a typical rural property looks like in southern Ecuador. Also there are many beautiful photos of San Pedro, Sacapo, the Rio Uchima that might inspire the reader.

The photo above shows the village of Vilcabamba and behind it looking in the north east direction (from left to right):

  • the road to Loja
  • the San Pedro village
  • the Uchima river
  • the road to Sacapo

The Rio Uchima property is located out of sight behind the mountain right next to the river.

From Vilcabamba, head towards Loja on the main road, turn right into the San Pedro village, then follow the road to Sacapo and then before going up to the Sacapo village turn right and head down to the Rio Uchima.

The distance between Vilcabamba central park and the entrance of the property is exactly 6 km, which by car takes about 15 minutes. A taxi ride will cost between 3 and 4 dollars. The road to Sacapo is by Ecuadorian standards of very good quality. The ride is smooth except for the last kilometer along the river which is a bit bumpy.

The photo below is taken from above the top boundary of the property pointing to the south west. We are now on the other side of the Sacred Mountain.