Rio Uchima - Subdivision

A "Quinta" in Ecuador is a block of land usually in a rural area and large enough to build a house and have gardens, an orchard, grazing areas for animals. A typical size for a quinta would be around 1 hectare (1 hectare = 2.5 acres).

Larger blocks of land such as the property itself are called "Fincas"

The word "lote" (translation of the English word "lot") is used for a smaller piece of land such as the like in an urban subdivision.

We will use the word "quinta" or "parcel" ("parcela" in Spanish) from now on and not the word "lot".

7 quintas in total have beem purchased and developed on the Rio Uchima property. Their sizes vary between 1 acre and 4 acres (1/2 ha to 1.7 ha) approximately.

To further preserve the natural beauty, we encourage features such as living fences (it is easy to do here using Yucca trees for example). Grazing animals such as donkeys and horses can move freely on the common land between properties which is what they have been doing for years. The common land has many attractive features: forests, walking trails, springs, large mountaintop grazing areas, views.... for every homeowner to enjoy.

We tried to reduce interferences between the quintas to a minimum. This was achieved in different ways:

  • by spreading the quintas out over the usable space on the 70 hectare property
  • by having buffer zones of common land between the quintas so that most lots do not have a boundary with any other lot.
  • by restricting the location of the building site on some of the quintas
  • by taking advantage of the natural features to hide one building site from another. The property has many forests, ridges and gullies and no artificial way of preserving privacy (walls, fences) is necessary on any of the quintas.

Another aim is to facilitate and encourage the use of the common land by making sure that the existing trails do not cross private land. For example, there is an easy walking trail starting from the road leading to a spring and then carrying on all the way to the western boundary of the property.

The services include a quality unsealed private road all the way from the river to the top, water (the best water on earth) and power (reasonable use according to some guidelines to be published, e.g. not for heating or electric stoves or other high energy electric equipment). We will look into the feasibility of hydro electricity. We are also very interested in alternative ideas with regards to electricity. Fast Internet will be available at a cost.

At the date of this writing (August 2015), 4 families have built their homes and permenently live on the land (Q1, Q4, Q6, Q9B) Note that this is not a “community”. The families can interact as much or as little as they decide, we have no involvement in people's lives except in setting some basic rules as far as using the private and public space (e.g. no motor racing, no hunting on the property, no further subdivision of the private land, a height restriction on some building spaces, some rules about cutting down trees or taking rocks from the river ...). It seems that the very nature of the property and project attracts likeminded people who will naturally get along and desire these rules to be in place. We visualise this to become a great nurturing place and a development (with a small "d") to be proud of in the middle of Ecuadorian families established in San Pedro/Sacapo.

In contrast to the larger developments in the area, this is not a gated property with security guards and targeted at wealthy individuals. Having said that, to access the property it is necessary to cross the Uchima river using a gated private bridge. The river offers a natural deterrent against intruders.

We intend to keep the development of good quality but minimalistic and leave as much of the natural surroundings as possible untouched. We also strive at providing a place for the families to blend in with the wonderful local communities of San Pedro and Sacapo.

Let's now look at the subdivision map and each quinta in more details.