Hotel L’Moned – Huaquillas Hotel L'Moned - Huaquillas Ecuador

This hotel is basic, modern and clean. Rooms have hot water (and it works), Flat screen TV, good wifi, a small fridge. It is only a short stroll from the Loja International terminal, no need for a taxi. What I liked most is that the hotel is not noisy because it is not right in the center and that the rooms have a modern almost completely silent air conditioning system. Most often than not one has the choice between not sleeping because it is too hot or not sleeping because the airco is too noisy.

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La Ramada de Noe - Hostel in Jambeli Machala La Ramada de Noe - Jambeli Machala

La Ramada de Noé – Jambeli Machala – Paradise in Ecuador For those who are on a tight budget and are not too demanding in terms of comfort and luxury, we recommend “La Ramada de Noe”. It is a basic but clean hostel and they only charge a modest $10 a head. It is located on the main street on the left facing the beach. The owners, Luis Eras and his wife Norma, welcomed us with a delicious 100% natural “granizado de coco”, their specialty.

Jambeli Machala

Machala is the coastal city nearest to Loja. It takes about 6 hours by bus to get there with the Loja Internacional. Then a short taxi drive ($3) to the port (Puerto Bolivar) and the real fun begins. A small but comfortable boat will take you from the mooring to the island of Jambeli. It only takes about 20 minutes but you'd want it to take more because the scenery is stunning. After 5 minutes in the harbour the boat enters the jambeli mangrove and from there on you are in a quiet protected space where you can observe quite a bit of wildlife (especially birds) right from the boat.

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