In Vilcabamba you can do as much or as little as you like, it is all up to you ! Find a hammock somewhere and watch life go by or go crazy doing millions of things

You can definitely spend a day shopping in Vilcabamba. Take in the jewelers in the morning, stop for a spot of lunch at one of the many restaurants, then continue with the Souvenir shops; another rest for refreshments and then some more shopping.

Remember that most places do not accept credit cards. There is no shopping mall here (thank God!). Nearly all the shops are locally operated. Many operators manufacture their products which makes them unique to Vilcabamba. So, if you like something here and hesitate, you may not be able to find it anywhere else once you leave Vilcabamba.


There are a number of manufacturing jewelers in Vilcabamba. All have their unique designs and styles. Most make jewelry to order or you can purchase a readymade piece. If you are looking for jewelry I recommend that you take the time to visit them all and find that one that appeals to your tastes the best.

On the weekends there are a number of stalls set up opposite the church at the top of the square that sells locally made jewelry as well. So, one could say that as with the restaurants here in Vilcabamba we are spoilt for choice with jewelry too.

Alquimia Jewelry Handicrafts

They sell handmade Jewelry, handcrafts and musical instruments.  


Arte Nomade

The beautiful jewelry in this shop is made by Cristobal Anguita Gamboa. They sell jewelry and handicrafts. Jewelry can be made to order in size and design.

Arte Nomade has creative displays like the one shown below

jewelry on rice and corn

Arte Nomade accepts all major credit cards, which is not something you will find in many places in Ecuador, let alone in Vilcabamba.

Estacion 14


Santiago, jeweler by trade, can craft a unique masterpiece for you, or yoiu can buy a beautiful piece already constructed.

Souvenir Shops

As with the jewelry there are a number of souvenir shops here in Vilcabamba. They sell a wide variety of souvenirs from trinkets and clothing to colorful fabrics and weavings.  Again, if you are looking for that perfect souvenir I recommend that you take the time to visit them all and find that ‘one’ (or two or more) thing that catches your eye.


Artesanias El Tucan

Another well presented shop. They sell handcrafts, traditional Ecuadorian souvenirs.

Artesanias Vilcabamba

This shop sells traditional Ecuadorian clothes and pottery. I have purchased a number of pieces of clothes from here and they have washed and worn well.

El Colibri

Antoinette in front of El Colibri

If a warm welcome and a sweet smile are important to you, you cannot beat El Colibri where Antoinette will greet you and make you feel so good that you will want to stay for a long time. The shop has the inviting smell of burning incense. Gem stones, locally made 100% cotton clothing and woven wall hangings, and a variety of colorful decorative objects, there is something there for everyone. A unique service at El Colibri is that you can bring your own photo (e.g. of your child) and a weaver will turn it into a Peruvian style wall rug. Be aware that this is made by hand and that there is a one month turnover (+/- depending on the design)

Antoinette is German and speaks English and Spanish.