In Vilcabamba you can do as much or as little as you like, it is all up to you ! Find a hammock somewhere and watch life go by or go crazy doing millions of things


Okay, so there is shopping and restaurants and massage places in Vilca.

But what if you want something more? You come to live here and for the first time in your life maybe you have time for you. What, of more depth, is there to do here?

There is a barrage of talented people calling Vilca home both locals and us foreigners.

I myself have found Lee Stice living here. For the first time I have the time, the means and the teacher to do something I’ve always wanted to do and that is paint with oils and work with pottery and ceramics. Lee runs a weekly ceramic class for adults (and one for kids) as well as a weekly painting class.

If you have dreamed of learning Reiki then you can take classes with Donna.

A friend’s son takes guitar lessons and another friend teaches the young lads karate.

Catalina is a renowned Spanish teacher a must to learn if you plan on living here and really living here.

Caroline runs several Yoga and meditation classes for all levels.

During the school holidays the Community Centre runs art classes and a lot more for the kids. They also have community gardens that you can volunteer in or become part of and the seed exchange initiative (every last Saturday of the month).

There are craft shops in Loja that sell lots of ‘hobby’ things to paint as well as bead shops if you are into beading. There are shops that run crochet and macramé classes in Loja. There is a very good oil painting supply shop too.

You could help out with a local horse tour group and learn all the ins and outs about horses if that is what you want to do.

If you have a gift you can take a class and pass on your knowledge too. You can volunteer to teach English at a local school.

None of this is ‘advertised’. It is through word of mouth that you find out. So your best bet is to come here, settle and mingle.