Besides a roof and a bed the most important commodity we all need is of course food. Since most of us are by no mean self-sufficient, this means "tienda" (grocery store), market or supermarket.

Here in Ecuador, especially in small places like Vilcabamba, it is the local people's custom to do their shopping as close as possible from their home. Call it lazyness or superior intelligence. This is why we usually find a small grocery store at every corner.

The expats and travelers don't operate the same way at all. They know what they are after and go where they can find it. One important factor to consider is that what they want is often not what the locals normally want nor are used to shop for, e.g. raw honey, organic cacao powder or tumeric.

In Loja

The "Supermercado Galtor" in the street 18 de Noviembre almost facing the entrance of the "centro comercial" is a small supermarket where most can be found at an attractive price. The service is first class, the employees always courteous and ready to help.

Many expats go to Supermaxi it is true. It is more convenient to park the car but the prices can be much higher, e.g. extra virgin olive oil: Supermaxi $12.9, Galtor $9 for exactly the same bottle.

En Vilcabamba

One benefit of the concentration of tourists and expats in Vilcabamba is the avalability of a large selection of food that would normally not be found in such a small place.

Supermercado Marisol - Organic products in Vilcabamba Supermercado Marisol in Vilcabamba

The "Supermercado Marisol" is an extremely popular place among the expat community and tourists alike. Many locals also shop there regularly. The place always feels like a beehive. Why is that? Simple. Because she has it all and at the best price. You want tumeric, she has it, organic cacao powder, ditto, several brands of beer, a large selection of organic fruit and veges, wholemeal flower, maca, you name it... And if she does not have it, she will find it for ya.

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