For a small village Vilcabamba has an abundance of superb and diverse restaurants. You will note as you read this section that we have a lot of favourite places to eat. If you are so inclined, you can eat out most days here in Vilcabamba. We also enjoy the social aspect of eating in the town.

This section contains the facilities that we are personaly reviewing as per 2015/2016. The facilities that we have reviewed in 2009/2010 are listed in the next section along with other facilities that we have not personally visited.

AGAVEBLU – Exquisite Organic Mexican Food in Vilcabamba
AGAVEBLU – Exquisite Organic Mexican Food in Vilcabamba

Mexican food touches all your senses and it certainly touched all of mine when I was given the opportunity to sample a selection of some of AgaveBlu best dishes. The presentation was impeccable, it was as much something that I wanted to look at as something that I wanted to taste and eat...

AGAVEBLU – Exquisite Organic Mexican Food in Vilcabamba

“We have been blessed by the food gods and we are very proud to be able to bring Mexican food, the patrimony of Mexico, to this part of the world. Because the food is delicious, and it’s fresh, and it’s healthy, and it’s colorful and tasty. The whole world is waking up to the infinite possibilities that are inhering in the cuisine of Mexico. I am just really blessed to be part of this presentation.” Greg.

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Timothy's cafe bar & grill
Timothy's cafe bar & grill

Timothy's is a bar and restaurant. It is very well decorated well finished establishment.

They have lounge seating and outside seating as well, with a 44 seat capacity enough space for private gatherings They offer a wide variety of food, including BBQ wings, ribs, burgers, steaks and others such as pizza, sandwiches, appetizers and specialty plates as well. All food is cooked by the owner/chef who organizes international food festivals which includes German, Italian and Mexican cuisine. They have 2x1 cocktails in the evening and offer fresh coffee and delicious desserts as well. You can enjoy a live match on direct TV here.

It is one of our personal favorite places to eat in Vilcabamba. They make the kind of fresh hamburgers I remember from when I was a child with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and a homemade meat patty. They serve very good cocktails made with freshly squeezed juice!!!!

Great food with feel of sports bar!! Timothy's reminds of me the bars back home! they have direct TV for live games and there is sports memorabilia hung all over the walls and neat decorations that the owner himself imported from outside Ecuador, this place is very original... the owner (and chef) makes great foods ranging from wings to burgers and specialty dishes to desserts as well - they also offer vegetarian dishes and fresh ground coffee and juices! Come check this place out!
Jonathan Abace Source: Internet

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Urku Warmy - Vegeterian food

Run by a lovely couple, Carlos and Silvia, this restaurant is a must try for vegeterians and vegans. The place is beautifully decorated with Ecuadorian artwork and mural paintings. I have not personally eaten there yet but I must say that the menu looks impressive and not at all pricey. Soup of the day, vegeterian pasta dishes, vegetarian burgers, quiche, salads and homemade deserts.

I enjoyed chatting with Silvia who emigrated from Chile with her husband Carlos 15 years ago. They have run several restaurants in Vilcabamba. She told me about her passion affair with cooking (she prepares all herself including the deserts), about ayurvedic diets, about diets especially designed to prepare people for ayahuaska ceremonies.

Location: Vilcabamba, central square, in front of Jardin Escondido

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