Vilcabamba Survival Guide

Whatever does not fit anywhere else will find its home here.


Until we find a better place, we will put in this section the bits of information that we want to share that do not belong to any other category. Many times we found that things are just not available where we expect them to be.

For example, say that you want to buy honey. If we told you that the best place to buy honey is the hardware store on the square, would you believe it? Would you have guessed? Also, knowing that honey is "miel de abejas" in Spanish would be great. Finally, knowing why the honey at the hardware store is better than the others is a useful piece of info.

Other examples:

  • Pierre has been looking for a cheap raincoat to drive his motorcycle and it took him weeks to finally find a good place for those sort of things in Loja. Clothes shops don't have raincoats as if it never rained in Loja. How do you say raincoat anyway?
  • Cheap-organic-delicious strawberries, all year round ? Yep, you can buy them here in Vilcabamba directly from the producer but only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Fresh wholemeal bread? Of course, but not from one of the bakeries!
  • Want to go to the movies? Watch the latest James Bond? Yes you can do that too. However, you may have to watch James Bond in Spanish! Good for you :-)
  • Want to buy a horse? Talk to the priest, he had one for sale recently. Need advice on whether the horse that you want to buy is really as young as they say? No problem.
  • Need a can of coconut milk for your cooking? Took us 6 months to find some, we will tell you where but you may have to wait as we have bought the whole stock (they only had 6 cans) !
  • Looking for a cheap piece of land? Why not talk to the taxi drivers? They all have something to sell somewhere. Beware though !

So, here we go. This section is quite small at the moment but we are working on it.

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