Vilcabamba Ecuador

The valley of Longevity

There is a lot of information about Vilcabamba on the internet. A simple search using any search engine will quench anyone's thirst for information.

We believe that Vilcabamba is a place like no other place in the world, multi-faceted, multi-colored, like a rainbow.

Vilcabamba, a small town surrounded by magestic mountains

Vilcabamba, a small town surrounded by magestic mountains

We see stunning rainbows here, like the double one below taken from the Montesuenos retreat centre)

One can look at its different colors and appreciate Vilcabamba

One can look at its different colors and appreciate Vilcabamba...

  • from a health point of view: the "valley of longevity" has so much to offer, pure air, pure water, fertile soil
  • for its climate: 20 degrees centigrade all year round is not too bad
  • for its natural beauty: Mandango mountain for example is not like many other mountains, it is really beautiful, and there are so many areas to explore: rivers, mountains, water falls... and the sunsets are stunning
  • for its expat community: the expat community here is very cosmopolitan, it is such a great place to meet people from all walks of life and to speak not just Spanish or English but also French, German and many other languages. There are some "characters" living here and we wouldn't want it any other way.
  • for its local community: the people here are relaxed, welcoming, helpful, considerate, interesting. It takes a while to master enough Spanish to be able to really communicate but it is well worth the effort
  • from a spiritual point of view: this is the hardest to explain but the energy here is different, it makes you feel good, makes you want to be more spiritual, be more yourself, meditate, heal, love, however it is that you want to say it...
  • from a safety point of view: the question I ask myself often is "what does the police do all day?" Is it a coincidence that the police department is located right next to a volley ball field?

In this beautiful and somewhat mysterious place nicknamed "El valle de la longevitad" The valley of longevity) we have now established our roots.

See you in Vilcabamba!

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